Why should love only be celebrated on the 14th of February? 

We're not buying it. 

Here are 14 different ideas to celebrate love throughout the year! ❤️

  1. Go for a picnic in the Commons - Grab a blanket, your favorite snacks & enjoy the warmth and beauty that Spring offers in Boston!
  2. Take a walk along the Charles River - When Winter is finally over, stretch your legs and walk along the iconic Charles hand in hand
  3. Hike Worlds End and enjoy the amazing views - Check out the most beautiful peninsula on the South Shore and take in the most scenic views of the ocean and sweeping views of the Boston skyline
  4. Take a weekend trip to the mountains - We might live in New England, but theres something so romantic and magical about the snowy mountains
  5. Watch a sunset on the beach - Again, grab a blanket and a bottle of wine and watch possibly one of the most beautiful sights New England has to offer
  6. Visit the Newport Mansions - Do we really have to explain this breath taking adventure?
  7. Explore wine tasting on Cape Cod - It might not be Napa Valley but it's a fantastic time spent in the beach towns of Massachusetts!
  8. Head to Martha's Vineyard for a weekend - Grab a bike or rent a Jeep... visit the Edgartown Lighthouse, check out the lively beach bars or explore the shopping that the Vineyard has to offer
  9. Go out Dancing - Because, who doesn't love to dance every now and then? Get dressed up and make a night of it!
  10. Plan a Beach Dinner with Chef Coe - Whether it's on the sand bar, the beach or at a cranberry bog, Chef Coe never disappoints!
  11. Go camping for the weekend in New Hampshire - Theres something to be said about shutting down and enjoying each others company for a couple days (with no distractions!)
  12.  Grab a bottle of wine and play board games - Monopoly, Twister, or Connect 4... whatever your game of choice may be... bring it out and enjoy the simplicity!
  13.  Ice Skating at Frog Pond - Bundle up and breathe in the cool winter air.
  14. Spend a day at the Museum of Fine Arts - It may not be often you get to see such beautiful works of art, take it all in together and discuss over a cozy meal afterwards